Water Spot

Creatives, Videos & Study cases

My work at Water Spot

Working for a startup is not easy since there are a lot of decisions to be made, questions to be answered, much more issues to be handled and fixed. Design, style, the speed performance of the site are just a few of them to start with.

My Web Content Contribution

Every content building starts with research and study as a part to deeply understand the brands needs and wishes

technical issues resolved

creative content experimented

video contents produced

water spots inserted

Creative portfolio

Creative works done for Water Spot

Instagram / FB creatives

In order to give additional support to the main FB and Instagram accounts I made my own dedicated on main water sports that are important to Water Spot. The profile had big success and for only 2 months got more than 100 followers.

In order to succeed

In order to make all this happen, I was visiting in person Helsingborg, Lomma and San Francisco beaches and some Skåne lakes. For all of them, I created the videos and inserted on the web site all together around 20 beach spots, learning spots, beach cafes and restaurants, as well as parking spots in Skåne region. I also made my drone exercise and did good shots, collecting good material to use later in different occasions and needs.

Video Content

The series of videos created to explain the idea, vision and mission of Water Sport. Videos are located on You Tube channel as well as on FB and embedded on the web site

link to my You Tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUIknB-rRCDjdJiUxWoHmUw/videos?view_as=public