The beginning and after

About me

Providing Web sites Building and Content producing Since 2009

I am Sweden based freelancer, but I and my team are open for all around the world projects

All started in 1995 when the first time used CorelDraw, the predecessor of the modern Adobe CC designing suit. In 2009 I create the first website, in that time with the modern Joomla.

Later I switched to the better optimised and developed WordPress platform. Since then and after years of learning HTML/CSS/JS, now I have upgraded knowledge and can provide much higher quality services.


This graphic is the summary of all my services that I can do for the small and midsize businesses.


Upgrading and Updating

courses all the time

The tools, the platforms, the methods evolve and change all the time.

New Google or FB algorithms and new rules? It is the normal process to go further and we, the specialist should update and improve all the time.

That’s why all this certificates. Stay tuned.




Here are some of the most important certificates like mastering Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. With these tools, I created interesting examples like logos, posters, brochure, UX/UI Design, App mockups for mobiles and website redesign.


SoftUni  | 2017


SoftUni | 2017


SoftUni | 2018






UX Design

SoftUni |2018

Personas and Scenarios | User Journey | Storyboarding | App interactive prototyping with IndigoStudio | Usability testing



LinkedIn | 2019


A marketer that can design his ad materials? A designer that after creating the ads and knows where to place them, how to integrate the tracking codes? Yes, it is possible for a single person to obtain these skills after a few years of additional courses to know the best practices and to use the latest tools.

Email marketing

SoftUni | 2017

Building of a list | Managing of a list | Campaigns and Newsletters | Optimization of results


Online strategies for online business and e-shops | Digital marketing and e-commerce technologies | Digital planning online | Marketing strategy | Analysis and optimisation | Progress and Automation


SoftUni | 2018

Technical Optimisation | Analysis | Google Search Console | SEO Lab 1 – 3

Facebook Marketing

SoftUni 2018

Facebook Business Objects and FB Pages optimisation
FB Algorithm | FB Insights
Creating attractive content
FB advertisement part 1-3
FB promotions

Train the Trainers

SoftUni 2018

Introduction to Google Garage Training Program | Eisbreakers and Soft skills exercises | Building and promoting the online presence | Workshops | Works with small business owners | Exercises  Interwies

IT technician diploma HTML / CSS / JS

To be able to successfully build websites, to optimize them for SEO and speed, to have more technical skills, to be more effective and understanding better the even more digitizing world, to know how to adjust the code, the IT technician and HTML certificates are one step closer to this aim.

Engineering IT Technician

IT Certificate

2015-2017, Italy

IT diploma as Engineering Technician for the development, management and bioinformatics systems and solutions; Included Biomedical Equipment and Technologies, Information Technology, Quality Management, Healthcare System and Clinical Engineering Service; C++, Java, DB, DICOM, IHE, mHealth

JavaScript | HTML | CSS


JavaScript tutorial course

Content Producer

2018-2019: Malmö Yrkeshögskola Content Producer training

HTML/CSS/JS programming  Website producing  Graphic Design and Typography
Video Producing
Integration of the Payment systems
Agile methods

The beginning and after

UX/UI design  and

App / Site Prototyping

Using Indigo Studio, the valid tool close to its functions as the Swift, I was enjoying to create the App prototypes and the interactive digital mockups. Especially good to think as will think the possible buying personas, projecting their user’s journey and finalyzing with the Usability testing, the new competencies are upgrading the whole process of doing job strongly client oriented.


Google Garage Training Program | Train the trainers | 2018

In order to understand and serve better to the small to middle size business, the Google Training Program reveals to be the valid course that a digital marketer ‘must do’. Learning the newest all the time improving and evolving tools and platforms, together with the soft skills abilities I improved my business oriented skills.


I have competencies that are varying from

Websites building, Content Producing, to Digital Marketing, including Video Producing, Creative Design, technical and to certain degree programming skills.

Be free to ask me about what I can do for your business and I will be happy to do my very best for you!


‘Svetla is very curious and creative, doesn’t give up easily. Respective on deadlines, always deliver on-time’

Roland Johansson

front-end-web developer and Graphic designer, teacher at Malmö Yrkeshögskola

‘Svetla is confident Content Producer. She wants to help drive the business in the best way possible.’

‘She is also very hungry for new knowledge and wants to understand it.’

Jonathan Burns and Thomas Karlsson

WordPress and HTML/JS programming, teachers at Malmö Yrkeshögskola

‘Svetla is a fast learner, always keeps the deadlines and always do her very best.’

Ebba Gustafsson Ågren

Video Content Producer, teacher at Malmö Yrkeshögskola

We work so well together and most difficult projects are easily conquered. I totally enjoyed working with her. Hope to have a chance to collaborate again with Svetla in the future…

Priti Gupta

lovely and effective collaborator, Digital marketer and Graphic designer

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