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Frequent Questions


If I choose WordPress Theme, can you change it to be unique for me?

Yes, of course, every site should be done in respect of the clients needs and wishes. And the WordPress themes are so versatile, that’s why just suitable for that. Plus they are already optimised, mobile friendly and good to setup security tools.


Will you be able to create the creative ads and videos for the ad campaigns? For different SoMe platforms?

Yes, producing the creative design and video ads to be used on different social media platforms is part of the digital marketing plan that we can offer. We can create them and place them and continuously monitor the analytics results and change/improve in order to use in the best way the marketing budget. We are working with the most popular platforms like YouTube, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Pinterest. Different platforms means different audiences, different creatives, different messages.


If I ask you to build site for me the site, will you handle the all the content, design and video part for me? Including buying or producing stock photos and videos too? I don’t wan’t to bother with all this details.

That is actually the best option to do. Since we will spend a time to understand your needs, ideas, search for inspirations and go deep in details for the site, the best way is to extend this findings also to the creative part like designa and video content. Normally it is a natural process who builds the site to take care of its whole content. That certainly includes buying images/videos from the image/video repository, paying the licence as it is the good practice. That is why it is important to take an agency as ours to take care about the whole process.


I like the idea to handle whole process to you, not to work 'on piece' and changing agencies for the different processes that we will need! Do you offer different plans and do you have special discount in the case of taking care of whole process?

Yes, we do have different plans that one can start with. But the winning idea is really, as you said, to work on the whole project and not pieces, made from different people with different ideas and assembled at the end. Just write to us and we will send you the quotas.