As a WordPress website builder, I can be in help of any of step right from the beginning where you need to make important decisions like what to be the domain name, where to host it, how to choose the host and why it is important.

Right after that I can actually purchase for you the domain and hosting plan for your business, respecting your needs and budget and start the whole process to build the site. Or, I can be your consultant and advisor what to do and especially what not to do, if you want to pass yourself through all of the processes.

If you need a shop then I can install and run an eCommerce site using the Woocommerce integration.

I will guide you to find the most important keywords that your business will need to be associated and found from the search engines like Google, Firefox and others. We do together all the possible SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the site, pages and posts to get correct settings and gain more visibility.

What about starting a Blog? Do you really are aware and know the power of blogging? It will really help your customers to get better understanding and choose wiselly through all your products or services.

If the site is correctly set right from the beginning, later, in the long run, it will help you to do all the advertisements (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) for a lower price.

Of course, me and my team we can handle all of the design/redesign projects (logo, ads, galleries, creatives, mobile app prototyping), all the video content, to open your Social Media channels and create the content for it.

We can run the Google and Facebook paid ads, as well as email subscription and email marketing to your users.

If you need your own app for better user experience, our UX app prototyping process can help you a lot to clear your ideas.

Competences to help you:

  • Domain and web hosting decisions
  • WordPress building site
  • Woocommerce integration
  • Keywords research
  • SEO
  • Audits of the site to find and eventually fix the problems
  • Creative projects (Logo and logotype, StyleGuide, images, videos, ads)
  • Video Content (video shootings for the business, intro and outro creation, assembling video and final effects)
  • Social Media advertising and building content (YouTube, Instagram, FB, Pinterest)
  • Blog and loading blog content
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile App prototyping

The website building can be short and fast with not so many extras, but for best results in the long term normally is a long process, with so many details in every step. Don’t worry, that we will pass through all this together, giving you the best support and advice.




The design is an important part of the website visual content, brand identity and marketing campaigns. Using Adobe CC programs like PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, we created numerous creative designs. Check here.

Brand Identity


Part of the branding identity is to create the whole visual design, logo and logotype, patterns, business card, flyers, posters.




Create a logo concept in different sizes and colours, for different backgrounds, for different platforms and use. Include the patterns and fonts to finalise the logotype


The icons designed for the business website are part of the whole website creation process



Creating a stylebook is an important step to create a consistent style guide. Make the ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ rules to be respected in all future business presence




The Typography, the Fonts, their combination, the Color palette do mater. All is important for the whole brand vision

Design Concept


Create the final summarizing presentation, summarizing the whole vision concept.



When need we can create designs to be printed. Business cards, flyers, posters, magazines, or to be used as pdf digital copy.

Advertising materials



Advertising materials for print or for online use

UI design



UI Design.

Design or redesign the website concept, make it interactive to help the client to ‘feel’ it, test it and only after its approvement start the real HTML/CSS/JS coding



UX Wireframes

UX wireframes of the App. Made on IndigoStudio for usability testing before to start the next designing step.

UX design


UX design

of the App or website. In these cases we start with paper prototyping, investing time for the personas scenarios, user journey. When is clear who is going to use it, in what conditions, what are the possible scenarios and clear what need to have, then go to digitalising the paper conception? Making interactive design prototype to help the client and user to understand it better, find the good and bad points, make corrections much before giving it to the code developers for the real product development. It will save time, money, frustrations and misunderstandings.


InDesign is a great tool to create your digital or printable flyer, magazine, stylebook, booklet or any other advertising material.

Creative marketing Ads



Graphic design is in great help in creating the advertising materials for digital marketing needs. Landing pages, Banners, Ads, to help to increase the awareness of the business or to create better conditions for more shares, likes, leads and to finalize the conversion journey

Design for big scale prints





Here is an example of how the logo and patterns as a part of the visual concept can be used in big scale


If you start a new activity right now you will need a branding and design strategy. This is not only the logo, typography and colours to use, it is the message to transmit, the language and way to communicate in order to better transmit your ideas. The way how you enter the markets matters, how to be distinguished from the others, how to make customers to recognise and follow your brand.

In the case of existing business, redesigning and/or rebranding of the existing website and logotype is a necessity and proved a valid solution. 

ADOBE Illustrator & PhotoShop

Logo | Business cards 

ADOBE InDesign & Typography

Magazine | Newspaper 

InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator are all Adobe creative tools to use in sincron to create the best works.

SEO keywords semantic research

To find out what are the best keywords for your business to have better visibility locally and internationally when these keywords are searched.

SEO checkup audit report

It is important to find and fix eventual problems, to speed up the site. Working closely with your developers or using our services.


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