Waterspot Case

Waterspot Case

What is Waterspot.org and what solutions were implemented


WS creative


Watersport.org is a startup based in Malmö that aspires to bring the community of people who love visiting beaches and are water sports’ enthusiasts. It aims to provide all relevant information in a single place, like the distance from parking to the beach, availability of facilities like changing rooms, toilets, cafes, the type of terrain of the beach, the wind speed, and direction, availability of learning schools or campsites nearby or even a possibility to buy or rent equipment. Finding relevant information in one place is a common struggle faced by all.


Working for the startup I covered different tasks starting from fixing technical issues and website cleaning, to creating new content as posts, images, videos, creative designs, as well as creating Social Media accounts and start using them. All the work was done by using the latest digital instruments available for good teamwork like Slack, Zoom, Trello.


1. Design & Redesign (Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects)

I redesigned the Logo, water sport Icons and Pins with the main sports, Style Guide, series of creatives for Instagram (posts and videos), Conceptual Map to visualise the WaterSpot’s idea.


2. Video content (AfterEffects, PremierePro)

To create beach videos I did:

• Visit and video shooting the nearest beaches like Lomma’s, Helsingborg’s and Råå, a few Malmö’s beaches and learning schools, as well as two lakes (Vombsjön and Sövdesjön) in Skåne.

• Create videos from this material for every water spot, learning spots, beach café or restaurant, parking lot close to the beach. Inserting these spots on the website, including the videos, all together resulted in creating of something like 25 spots in Skåne.

• Insert these videos on YouTube.

• Exercised to use the drone for video.

• ‘How to add a spot’ – conceptual and instructive video of the process of how and why to add

3. Create Instagram & FB profiles

I created a FB business account. For the Instagram profile, in order to give more support and publicity, I have the idea and created a satellite account to point to the main account and website. I created @spot_that_spot, where I‘ve got more than 100 followers for only 2 months, with a real interest to follow me, without having prior my own content and experience on the topic (water sports).


4. WordPress web site cleaning, reordering, fixing issues

The Word Press web site was already running but with numerous technical problems to fix. In many cases, I was in helping to find the right PHP file and place the right snipped instead to use one more additional plugin.


5. Insert Costa Brava’s Beaches, Spain

This was really intensive work since Costa Brava extends over a length of 214 kilometres from the French border to Barcelona. The rough estimation of all beaches was around 100, of which nearly 70-75% were inserted. In practice, the final result is that Water Spot is maybe the one that has the most complete Costa Brava’s beaches guide.